What’s a perfect Christmas to you?  I think of gingerbread houses, but I have learned that they go down hill quickly, literally the roof always slides off!

…So every year I find myself employing my best architectural skills, and by that I mean supporting gingerbread walls with soup cans.  And still!

It ends up in a pile of crumbled walls covered with sickening sweet globs of frosting glue.


But then I came up with a solution- Hot Glue Gun! (Who’s really going to eat it after it’s been sitting around collecting dust?) And the house was built and a good time had by all!

We DO so much to celebrate one thing-our Savior’s birth!  Sometimes in the doing, we forget the reason for the season.  Sometimes in honoring the One who brings peace, we get the most bent out of shape…

I believe the mother of Jesus, Mary, had it right.  Luke 2:19 has these words of wisdom preserved for us busy women today, “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”  As visitors streamed through her home, I don’t believe she was stressing over cleaning…

Let’s not be overwhelmed with the season, but be overwhelmed with the goodness of God, so we can overflow with HIs goodness to others.

Blog written by Rebekah Wright.