1. Be a Tourist in your Town: See if museums and such have “First Sunday Free” deals
2. Coffee Shop: Soak up the atmosphere
3. Dive Dining
4. Be a Retro Couple: Get together with another couple for cards and desserts
5. Bowling
6. You Light Up my Life: Watch airplanes take off
7. Music in the Park: Pack a picnic lunch
8. Putt-Putt-Golf may sound like first date stuff, but it’s never an old idea to cheer on your love, hold hands, and just talk
9. Bookstore Buy
10. Taster’s Choice: food and coffee tasting
11. Movie Swap: With another family
12. Coupon Craze: get a chore done and then use some of the coupons for yourselves-win-win!
13. Outdoor: hiking, walking, scenic drive, beautiful gardens, zoo
14. Scenic Drive:  Down memory lane
15. Cookout
16. The Dog Park: Fun for Fido and spouse
17. Kid Games: Work on your electronic game skills so you’re ready to have a parents vs. kids game night
18. Board-not Bored: Good old fashioned Monopoly or Clue to spice things up
19. Cooking Throw Down: Find a Food Network recipe, shop for ingredients (under $20) and enjoy a little kitchen competition, flirting with judge allowed
20. Day out on the Water: Swimming, boating, fishing

Blog by Rebekah Wright