Food and fellowship are two great words that sum up the goings-ons in the holiday season. (Honestly though, we love any opportunity to do so!) Food and fellowship fill the stomach and soul all at the same time. It communicates-you’re included, you’re apart of the group, you’re accepted, loved…we all have this human need. A human need to love and to be loved.

 Two thousand years ago an invitation was extended to us from the cross. We were invited to accept love and to give love.

 Jesus gave us the greatest example of living in love because He broke bread with all different kinds of folks. So why not invite the person who pumps your gas, bags your groceries, your home repair person, car mechanic, postal worker, your coworkers, neighbors etc…?

 Here are a few hospitality ideas:
-invite someone who can’t be with their family for the holiday
-host a game night, a chili night, grill night etc…
-sports gathering (Go Team!)
-coffee and dessert

 Serving others demonstrates the loving and welcoming nature of Christ. Let’s be welcome mat folks and invite!

Blog by Rebekah Wright